Nursery Film For Shrimp Tank

Nursery film has a very important role for the successful of breeding baby shrimp nowadays as it controls the good environment that suitable for more healthy conditions and less chance of infection. This new system controls the appropriate temperature for the shrimp especially in the winter time that the temperature in the water is too low. Many of the shrimp farm now starts to do the nursery tank more as it guarantee the better quality and quantity of the shrimp. (Normally the baby shrimps stay inside the tank approximately 25-30 days before releasing to the open field)

The most common used PE film that cover the tank in Thailand is black-white color and also clear color (300 micron).

Outside the nursery shrimp tank
Inside the nursery shrimp tank
  • Our products are manufactured from LDPE heavy duty grade and LLDPE which is the excellent physical properties : strength and elongation
  • UV stabilizer for extending the product lifetime
  • Manufactured from the state-of-the-art machines (3-layer)
  • Suitable for welding 
  • Offer Warranty Program (*under company conditions)
  • Certified to ISO9001 from SGS Thailand
Nursery Film For Shrimp Tank
Colors Clear, white, white-black, black
Width (meter) 6
Thickness (micron) 200,300
Length (meter) 100

*or depends on customers specification