1. Photoselective Greenhouse Film

The Solar Spectrum

This greenhouse film is designed and developed for selecting only useful wavelengths for photosynthesis especially in visible light or PAR (photosynthesis active radiation between 400-700 nanometer) by balancing the wavelengths that matter crops. At the same time, this film cut unnecessary wavelengths like ultraviolet radiation and infrared radiation which reduce the temperature inside greenhouse.

Our photoselective film can be used with both foliage and flowering plants. The quality of crops is significantly better in size, shape, color, and taste such as more beautiful color and bigger size of anthurium flowers, and bigger and spicier in chilli, etc.

2. Biodegradable Agricultural Films (grow bag)

At VSC, we emphasize the importance of the sustainable development of technology and design in material science. Together with R&D team from Naresuan University, we have developed and produced a biodegradable film that made from PLA and ground coffee. This product is 100% biodegradation (not leaving microplastic waste) and is carcinogenic chemical free, while maintaining its excellent user friendliness.

"VSC degradable grow bag" is our new rising product that reduces a lot of plastic wastes in seedling cultivation, and also shorten the process of planting. The excellent properties of the biodegradable plastic can also be applied for various products such as hotel amenities, food packaging, etc.

3. Biodegradable Shrink Film

We contribute to reducing plastic pollution and support Sustainable Developments Goals by not only use plastic waste from production back into the process but we also develop and redesign our formulations to be unique sustainable product offering. It is “biodegradable shrink film” which has a highly efficient degradation process that leave no microplastic nor harmful substances behind by using the synergism of all agents of decay (air, light, heat, moisture) to cleave the polymer chains. It is also time-controlled onset of degradation.