VSC shares society’s concern about plastic waste to the environment and we commit to offer products with more sustainable benefits especially for agricultural films and industrial films

We believe that sustainable cannot do it alone, it must arise through collaboration. VSC have been cooperating with other companies, universities, as well as our consumers, and use our technological assets, our expertise and knowledge to create innovative sustainable products for future generations by following 3R Sustainability strategy  :


  • Reduce using plastic materials and turn into bio compostable resins especially in agricultural films(mulch film, grow bag) to solve soil pollution from plastic debris which long term might harmful tocrop’s normal growth. Our bio compostable films can be 100% degradable and leave no microplastic waste behind across the entire stage and also help farmers to work more efficiently.
  • Downgauging


  • sing PCR resins (post-consumer recycled) into the finished products


  • Increase recycled content (while maintaining film performance)

Bio compostable grow bag

(collaboration project with NU)

Bio compostable mulch film

With cooperation and commitment of all part of supply chain, VSC is strongly believe that plastic company could be a part of the solution for a sustainable future and start working for sustainable project today will lead us a closer step to the greener world tomorrow.