Greenhouse Film

Greenhouse Cover Film

These multi-layer greenhouse films are produced from state-of -the-art machines with the high technology and quality control by highly experienced R&D team. The film has excellent mechanical strengths, optimum light transmission, and good pesticide resistance which make it perfect for protecting crops and enhancing growth.

“VSC Agricultural Films” are researched & developed by experienced agronomists, polymer technology and engineering along with end users’ requirements which allow us to promote unique formulations that fulfill customer’s need. Our expertise in this field allow us to provide many types of greenhouse film solutions to match properly with growers’ need worldwide.

Greenhouse Cover Film
Width 2-14 meter
Thickness 100,150,200,300 micron
Length 60 meters or 100 meters

Diffused Film (UV protect diffused film)

Diffused film generates better and more light distribution without decreasing % light transmission especially in photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) between 400-700 nm.

It is suitable for hot climate areas to prevent burning spots on leaf/flower from strong direct sunlight. This has proven positive for the cultivation of flowers and some horticultural products such as carnations, roses, safflowers, salad, tomatoes and cucumbers. 

Benefits of diffused greenhouse film:

  • Better and more regular light distribution 
  • Production increase 
  • Earlier yield 
  • Better quality in size, taste, and nutrition (such as higher % sugar content)
  • Diffuse light penetrates deeper into the canopy and the middle leaves intercepted more light, which caused an increase in photosynthesis 
  • Prevent leaf /flower from burned by direct sunlight
  • Better efficient use of the greenhouse space as scattering light reaches all areas


Anti-virus Greenhouse Film (control pest insects)

Researchers found that insect flight behavior depends on light wavelength, or spectrum. In fact specific light wavelengths can repel insects, causing them to fly away. The net therefore reflects the wavelength the insects use for vision. The net practically "dazzles" and blinds the insects, thus repelling them. The insects continue flying and avoid landing on the growth house. By creating conditions to avoid contact of insects with the net, penetration levels are considerably reduced. Test have shown that OptiNet® achieved five times less pest penetration, compared to a standard 50- mesh net.

to protect against thrips

Reduced development of leaf diseases, such as late blight of tomatoes

Insect pests damage crops and transmit diseases

anti-virus film provides better crop yields


Water droplets formed on the inside surface of greenhouse films due to water condensation and also from the difference temperature between inside and outside of the greenhouse. These have the negative effect on the plant condition and growth as droplets reduce the light transmission by 15-30% and increase the incidence of diseases. Drip protection greenhouse film contains anti-dripping additive which eliminate droplets drop directly to the plants but turn them into the thin layer of water and run down the sides of the greenhouse roof and wall.

Benefit of anti-dripping greenhouse film:

  • More light transmission
  • Increase crop yields
  • Possible for early harvest
  • Better quality of crop, more profit
  • Prevent the plant disease that may come with the droplets
  • Reduce the use of chemical due to less disease in the greenhouse
  • Eliminate “Lens effect” that could make the plant burn


algae on the greenhouse film which significantly decrease light transmission

After using the greenhouse film for more than a year or over, it is probably that the film may be covered with some microorganism that reduce the effectiveness of the film by limit the light transmission to the crop inside. Greenhouse film with anti-microbial additive works by inhibiting the growth of microorganism (yeast, algae, fungi, bacteria) on the film so the film stays clear and clean. This additive is working by staying in the layer of the plastic and work as long as the lifetime of the plastic.


VSC PhotoSelective film is our new product in agricultural line.

Since each plant has a different requirement, it is necessary to grow them in a suitable environment for the best yield.


Benefits of PhotoSelective film:

1. Ripening and add more nutrient to the plant: due to each plant needs different wavelength to grow using our photoselective film can reduce or cut out some dangerous wavelength and receive only the necessary one that support the growth such as chili that can create more chemical for the better taste (more spicy).

2. Reduce the harmful wavelengths such as Ultraviolet or Infrared radiations (reduce the temperature inside greenhouse)

3. Reduce the amount of pests inside the greenhouse 

4. More light diffusion in the greenhouse 

5. Better crop quality in term of size, shape, color, and taste 


More detail about wavelength to crops:


Sunlight contains various rays such as white light, Infrared rays, Ultraviolet rays but not everyone knows that most of photosynthesize happen by stimulate just some

wavelength that human eyes could see.

The white light is around 400-700 nanometer while the plant could absorb better light at two different wavelengths. First, at 400-500 nanometer that includes purple, blue, green, second, red light at 600-700 nanometer. Red is the color that plant could absorb the most and has an influence to bloom. However, each plant has a different response to the different wavelength.


Cooling Diffused Film

The overheating problem in greenhouse could be found in many areas in Thailand and many countries worldwide due to the global warming. The temperature could go up to 50 degree Celsius in the summer time which cause damage to the crops.

VSC cooling diffused film is our new product of the agricultural line and many users are very satisfied with the testing results. It is significantly decreasing the temperature inside greenhouse compare with standard film by 3-5 degree Celsius or some areas could decrease up to 7 degree Celsius (test results in 2019, Thailand). Other benefits are better crop yields in term of quantity and quality, protect from the burning leaves, and gain earlier crop yields.

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Test results from one of our customers:

SMP Farm - organic farm (Nakhonnayok province)

Crops : strawberry , Japanese cucumber , leaves vegetables

Testing period : 2 years

Results : 

  • Temperature sifnificantly decrease by approximately 3-5 degree Celsius compare to standard greenhouse film.
  • 5 days earlier harvest compare to standard greenhouse film 
  • Crop yields have better quality in term of size,color,taste, and shape 

Project References

VSC has had the chance to work with The Royal Project Foundation which is an initiative of His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. The main purpose of this project is to solve the problems of deforestation, poverty, and opium production by promoting the alternative crops. In order to improve the quality of agricultural production, the project also invests in research and development of agriculture film which are provided by VSC. We are proud to be part of this successful project to provide the best outcome in crops growing for the farmers in the Northern provinces in Thailand.