Livestock Film

Livestock film is suitable for animal farm in evaporative cooling system especially in chicken farm and pig farm. It provides better animal welfare standard, better uniformity and FCR with hygienic conditions, better control of temperature and moisture, and protect diseases from outside such as bird flu, swine flu. Film provides in many colors for users to select and match with their requirements.

Livestock Film
Colors clear, black, white, white-black
Thickness 150, 300 micron (0.15, 0.30 mm.)
Width 4.00,4.50,6.00 meters
Length 100 meters


Benefits From Using Livestock Film (Evap. System)

  1. High standard and rule of animal welfare
  2. Increasing the efficiency in parents (father-mother) generation
  3. Better uniformity and FCR with hygienic conditions
  4. Better control of temperature and moisture
  5. More quantity in crop (compare to the equal space)
  6. Protect and control the disease from outside especially bird flu
  7. Decrease the death rate especially when the temperature is high
  8. Reduce water consumption
  9. Save electricity cost as using less fans than the open farm
  10. Use less antibiotic