Mulch Film

VSC multi-layer mulch film, one or two colors, has excellent mechanical properties. Black on the side facing down prevents light penetration and reduces the germination of weeds. Shiny silver or white on the side facing up enhances photosynthesis and repels insect pests which can use less pesticide. Other benefits such as save water usage especially in dry season and maintain humidity in the root zone.

We have two types of mulch film:

1. Single-Color [Black, Clear]

2. Bi-Color [Black-Silver, Black-White, Black-Black]


Mulch Film
Width 80, 100, 120, 150 cm.
Thickness 25 micron (in stock), 30-40 (available for customization)
Length 400 meters [standard]


* We are able to produce various sizes as customer requirements.

Benefits From Using Mulch Film

  • More crops
  • Improve crop quality
  • Earlier planting dates
  • Reserve moisture in the soil 
  • Suppress weed growth 
  • Better use of fertilizer
  • Reduction from soil compaction
  • Reduction in root damage


Useful Information For Mulching Film
Transparent Black Black / white Green Brown / Silver
Seasonal crops Crops 1 year up Several plants Plant ages 1 - 2 years Seasonal crops
Soil without weeds Soil infected by weeds Up-side white for light reflection and burning prevent Better heat absorption
in soil than black color
Better heat absorption than black and green
Soil heat treatment Soil heat treatment
To obtain early crop ripening increased production early crop ripening increased production and early crop ripening  increased production and early crop ripening


Properties / Colors Transparence Black Black / white Green Brown / Silver
Light transmission 80% - - 65% 65%
Growth of weeds High - Little less than transparence -
Heat absorption Low High Regular Low Low
Life of plastic film Short Long Quite long Short but longer than transparence Short but longer than transparence
Low temp. protection Good Regular Little Regular Regular
Total yield less than black High more than black Similar to transparence Similar to transparence
Early crop High Medium High High High


Film Colors Soil Temp Control of seeds Insects prevention Type of plants Heat absorption Light transparent percentage Quantity of product Early harvest Growth of weeds
clear Very high fumigation - Vegetable, annual crops low 80% Less than black good high
Black[opaque] Low to medium good - Plants age from 1-3 years high - high medium -
Black/silver low good Aphis, fly All kind of plants medium - high good -
Black/white Very low good Aphis, fly All kind of plants Very low - high good -
Silver/silver medium average Aphis, fly Melon, cantaloupe medium 35% good good -
Silver/brown medium good Aphis, fly Strawberry, general plants medium - good good -
Light brown medium good - All kind of vegetable, strawberry medium 65% Less than black good low
Yellow/brown low good Aphis, fly All kind of vegetable low - Less than black good -
Red/brown Medium to high
good - tomato medium - high good -