Pond Liner Film

  • manufactured from LDPE heavy duty grade and LLDPE which provide excellent physical properties:strength and elongation
  • UV stabilizer for extending the product lifetime
  • Manufactured from the state-of-the-art machines (3-layer)
  • High flexibility for an easy installation 
  • VSC sheet for shrimp farm in new system "Probiotic Farmimg"
  • Offer warranty program (*under company conditions)
  • Certified to Quality System ISO9001:2015 
Pond Liner Film
Color Opaque Black
Width 6.00-10.00 meters
Thickness 150,200,300,500 micron (0.15, 0.2,0.3,0.5 mm.)
Length    60 or 100 meters



Benefits From Using Pond Liner In Shrimp Farm:

  • Improve quality to more healthy condition, increase quantity per crop
  • Protect other animals into the pond such as crab, insects, etc. (by using anti-crab film)
  • Better control the environment in the pond such as temperature, pH rate, etc.
  • Better water flow which save electricity cost 
  • Prevent the soil slide  
  • Reduce the waste and accrued chemical in the pond
  • Easier to clean the pool

Pond Liner Calculation

Specify dimensions in meters.


Srisuban Farm, Surattani Province

CPF, Trad Province

CPF, Rayong Province