Collation Shrink Film

  • Made from special polymer - LDPE heavy duty grade, LLDPE
  • Products are supply in Sheet, Bag, and Centerfold
  • Suitable for beverage industry for packing water, soda, soft drink, carbonated water, milk, fruit juice, alcohol beverages, etc.
  • Could customized by adding special additive which depend on customer’s requirement
  • Collation shrink film that supply in roll (PVC or paper roll) could use with the machine in the beverage industry
Collation Shrink Film (Roll)
Width 300 - 3,000 mm.
Thickness 0.04 - 0.20 mm. (40-200 micron)
Weight/Length per roll     As customer’s requirement


Benefits of using collation shrink film:

   1. Protect the products from damage and lost during transportation and stocking
   2. Save cost when compare to other materials such as paper box or paper tray.
   3. Good transparence/optical properties.
   4. Excellent yield in holding force.
   5. Protect from moisture and dust