Construction Film

VSC construction films are the premium grade with flexible membrane LDPE lining materials. With outstanding elasticity, flexibility, excellent chemical resistance, superior creep resistance and multiaxial characteristics and making it extremely suitable for application where differential or localized settlement may occur.

VSC construction films are produced and characterized by high ultimate tensile strength and elongation at break, resistance to mechanical stresses and aging. Moreover, they offer special feature of non-roting effect in soil and concrete. Films have high resistance to extreme relative humidity, and high-low temperature.

There Are 2 Kinds Of Construction Films

1. VSC construction film for flooring before placing concrete , making for better concrete setting, more durable and longtime working

2. VSC construction film for curing the concrete pillars, controlled slow the rapid of water evaporation from concrete for extend the duration of pillars.

Benefits Of Using Construction Film And Sheet:

   1. Full protection of water leakage in the underground basement.
   2. Suitable thickness of LDPE film is used to lay on the soil / sand or lean concrete then top-up with top layer of concrete with steel reinforcement
   3. Enhance the bearing capacity of road foundation and extend the duration of roads.
   4. Prevent road surface from collapsing or cracking.
   5. Convenient for construction, time-saving and cut down the cost of maintenance
   6. Prevent tunnel from cracking
   7. Consolidate on the slope

Why Using PE Film And Sheet For Construction?

Reason The road conditions are not strong enough because of rapidly evaporation of water from concrete especially in Thailand due to the climate ( normally hottest in daytime and dry /arid climate in winter)
How to solve Use LDPE film lay on the road before placing concrete to prevent the creep of water from concrete to down-level soil. It causes concrete dry slowly for more excellent concrete setting.

Reason Underground water has effect to concrete layer and makes the surface of concrete road collapse or crack before lifetime.
How To Solve Use LDPE film lay on cover along road area before placing concrete to prevent underground water come into concrete layer.

Reason Soil under concrete layer collapse due to water creep down to road juncture to underground and make a hole / cavity when the vehicle pass that area, it will make bumping action and cause to loose of soil under concrete.
How To Solve Use LDPE film lay on the road between the juncture by upper sand / soil level before placing concrete to prevent the water creep to soil level.