Greenhouse Film Warranty

Warranty Program
Limited Warranty Of Greenhouse Cover Film (Starting From The Date Of Delivery)

Thickness 100 micron (0.10mm) warranty for 18 months
              150 micron (0.15mm) warranty for 24 months
               200 micron (0.20mm) warranty for 30 months
               300 micron (0.30mm) warranty for 36 months

* Buyer must submit invoice, a sample of at least 2 square meters of the film, and its marks (VSC label).

* Use the date from invoice only

* The warranty shall cover said deterioration defects, to the extent provided below, only if the claimant proves compliance with all the following requirements:

  • Limited usage with chemicals, up to 100 ppm of Chlorine (Cl),or, up to 500 ppm of Sulfur (S) only
  • Film was installed in a professional way and was laid safely on the frame.
  • All parts of the frame in contact with the film were painted white or cover with a suitable white tape and the paint and/or tape must be compatible with PE.
  • Outside surface of the film, at all areas where it comes into contact with the frame, were also painted white or cover with a suitable white tape.
  • Film has been stored in a dark cool place.

Greenhouse Film General Guidelines:

  • The roll of film should be laid horizontally, do not drag the rolls and should handle with care.
  • Try to prevent the film contact to other plastic materials that not made from Polyethylene, which accelerate degradation of the film (especially chlorine and sulphur)
  • The roll should be kept in smooth surface, avoid the film from touching any sharp articles.
  •  Film should be used no longer than 6 months after the production date (*especially the anti-dripping formula as it works by migrating on the surface of the film)
  • After installation of film, please keep some of the film sample and product identification label for reference.

Installation Conditions

Metal structure

  • The metal tube should be properly polished, thermically galvanized and the tube shouldn't have sharp sides, cover the edges with PE Tape.
  • All parts of the frame in contact with the film must be painted white [Acrylic base] or cover with suitable white tape (but not PVC tape)
  • Do not use PVC profiles in any structure.
  • The structure must be planned, without any sharp parts that could damage the film.

Wooden Framework

  • The wood should be planed profoundly, without sharp edges to prevent film from tearing down.
  • If the film has to be nailed down, a wooden lath is necessary. If possible, use PE tape instead of nails.
  • The Pine wood has a detrimental influence at the life time of the film by accelerate UV degradation.
  • All parts of wood that contact to the film must be covered by white acrylic paint or white PE Tape.

Installation of The Greenhouse Film:

  • Open the rolls before installation, and handle with care.
  • White painted or white PE tape must be strips on every contact points or the structure before the installation.
  • When positioning the film, it should be tensioned the film very tight, stretch the film evenly all cross the Greenhouse.
  • Repair hole or tears in the film as soon as possible, by using adhesive PE tape.
  • The width of the film should be the span plus 50 - 100 cm. [on the edge]
  • Suitable time for installing is the temperature between 20- 25 C˚ and when there is no wind.
  • Install the roof and curtain films at the same time.
  • Take care not to damage the film when inserting profiles , nails or fasteners
  • Tightening wires should be used by stretched across the structure, the wires must be tightly stretched (avoid the black one)
  • If used shading net, do not let it contact directly to the film. The shading net may cause damage to the film.
  • Do not spray pesticide directly to the film, ventilate the Greenhouse after the application of pesticide.
  • Avoid the film contact with the material made from chlorine and sulphur.
  • Precaution is also necessary when using pesticides and other products containing chlorine and sulphur 
         The concentration of the residue of sulphur is maximum 500 ppm.
         The concentration of the residue of chorine is maximum 100 ppm.

*In case that the concentration of sulphur and chlorine is over the recommended dosage, please kindly contact us.

Important Note

Anti-dripping films are mainly recommended for well ventilated and/or heated greenhouses, with adequate inclination of the roof. The anti-dripping effect last for approximately 6-12 months, as the additives function by migrating to the surface of the film and are slowly washed out by water. Due to the complex mechanism of its activity and to the variety of parameters affecting its function, VSC does not provide a warranty nor assumes any liability on the effectiveness and duration of the anti-dripping effect.

Warranty Conditions

Producer shall have no obligation under the warranty to replace or refund defective products if the defect is a result of any following causes:

   1. Damage (tear) of the film when inserting profiles, nails or fasteners.
   2. Accident
   3. Catastrophes: storm, hail-storm, earthquake, abnormal meteorological conditions.
   4. Improper storage
   5. Negligence installation
   6. Not doing maintenance or immediately repair 
   7. Film contact directly with any chemical especially Sulfur, Chlorine, Halogen, Calcium oxide
   8. Non-standard of Greenhouse structure

Claim Conditions:

The warranty does not cover the cost of any services, work or materials required for the replacement of the defective products with good products at the site of installation

*** The Manufacturer’s Warranty For the Products Is Valid Only If All The Above Instructions Were Executed.